FSS publicity materials

If you would like to spread the word about Family Support for Schizophrenia, you may wish to make use of our publicity materials, made available here in electronic format. Send them to family and friends, medical professionals and the wider community. Print out the poster and put it up where you think other families and carers might see it. We would be delighted to reach more people and help them care for their loved ones with schizophrenia.

Brochure: Strength through sharing

Family Support for Schizophrenia, 2022, A4 brochure, 2 pages

An introduction to schizophrenia, its early warning signs, treatment, effects on the family and what you can do to help. The role of a family support group. FSS information and contact details.

Suitable as a simple introduction for family and friends.

Poster: Support for families and carers of people living with schizophrenia

Family Support for Schizophrenia, 2022, A4 poster, 1 page

What is schizophrenia, What we offer, Why join a support group, FSS contact details.

Suitable to put up at your local doctors’ rooms, clinic, outpatients, library or other community facility.